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• What type of transportation is used for excursions? 

We count on private cabs, mini vans, as well as big busses. We work with experienced drivers and all our cars have air-conditioning. A bottle of water is included in each tour.

• What determines the cost of the tour or transfer?

The final price depends on the number of passengers and on whether it is a shared tour or a private tour just for your group.

Often you have a better rate with us, it is always cheaper to book in a group, please send a request and we will try to get the best fair for you.

• How can I reduce the cost of the tour?

Invite your friends or members of cruisecritic to join you.

Book a tour without a guide (only with a Spanish-speaking driver)

• Is lunch included in the price?

No, lunch is not included in the price, but we will make one hour stop for a lunch. The tourists can choose the restaurant or we will make a stop only for a coffee break, if necessary.

• What kind of local food can I try?

Seafood: various tipes of mussels and fish (hake, conger eel or red cusk-eel, salmon, and trout). Barbecue: beef, lamb, pork. You can also try the famous empanada. There is a great variety of salads, side dishes and desserts.

• What kind of clothes will I need?

Summer temperatures are from 60 to 770 F (+15 to +25 C). The climate is fairly mild yet windy at the coast and dry in Santiago de Chile. You will also need comfortable shoes, sun hat, and protective sun cream.

• How to book a tour?

Usually we do not require prepayment. To book a tour you only need to fill a form/ send an email or via phone/ Whatsapp, and we will send you the details. Then, as soon as we receive confirmation from you, the tour will be reserved