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(Valparaíso / Viña del Mar / Casablanca Valley):

Pre cruise/ Post cruise/ day-tour.

Travel to the world heritage city of Valparaíso and enjoy it´s history and culture, as well as the famous Casablanca wine valley on the way back to your final destination (cruise terminal, hotel, etc.).

This tour can be booked pre cruise, post cruise, or as a day-tour (transfer). The sequence of the tour will depend on your logistical requirements (your pickup location/ drop-off location).  If you have a return flight on the same day, the flight departure should not be earlier than 8 pm.

After the pickup (cruise terminal, hotel, etc.) we will drive directly to the world heritage city of Valparaíso. The only stop will be made at the catholic church lo Vasquez, famous for the biggest pilgrimage in Chile (on the 8th of December). In this context we will explain more about the Spanish influence during colonization.

Arriving to Valparaíso, we will explore and learn about the importance of the port city until the opening of the panama channel in 1914. During this time there was a high influence of multinational immigrants, as shown by the Victorian style architecture. Since about 30 years the city has transformed into the cultural and artistic center of the country, we will stroll through the hills and back alleys, enjoy street art, art galleries and little pubs and shops.

From $130 USD ​​(no prepaid needed).

You will ride at least one of the famous cable cars of the 19th century, which was used by the immigrants to connect living areas with the downtown business district.

Later we drive along the water front to the beach town Viña del Mar, seeing highlights as the flower clock, the botanical garden Quinta Vergara, the Easter Island statue, as well as the casino. This will also include a small lunch break with the possibility to try a typical Chilean pastry: the empanada (not included in tour prize). 

We will continue to the capital Santiago de Chile, passing through the famous vine valley of Casablanca. You will see the similarities to the Nappa and Sonoma valleys in California, and it´s the chance to taste one of the best white wines of South America! In the late afternoon, we will arrive at your final destination (cruise terminal, hotel, etc.).